Monthly Archives: July 2015

Write like no one is reading

It had been a bit of a wonder to me, really, why I gave up blogging about a year ago.

I didn’t really stop straight away then, but definitely by this time last year, my heart already wasn’t in it. It had felt like I spent too little time doing what I loved – writing – and too much of what were blog “chores”, like posting links to Facebook and looking at site analytics (I’m a marketing person by trade… so yes if you are wondering, Big Brother is definitely watching you. Google knows how much time you spend reading each page, where you click next, and most probably whether you are picking your nose right now. Just in case, I wouldn’t.).

Anyhow, fiddling with my WordPress password yesterday I came across a different blog I’d written in 2012/13 before I started this one. I’d forgotten all about it, I only got there by chance by entering the wrong WordPress email/password combination. I read it quite curiously, not really remembering any of those entries, so it was like reading someone else. What hit me is that although it was pretty clumsy, there was something fresh about it, and a few entries were downright funny.

See, when I started Greater Than You Know, I was depressed, and I think somehow that’s why it’s ended up with a pretty serious feel, when anyone who knows me will tell you I’m not very serious in real life. The old blog hadn’t started to take itself too seriously yet, which is what was good about it.

But also, at this time last year I’d been hanging out too long with the “online entrepreneur” brigade, guys like Marie Forleo or Leonie Dawson and whatnot, who sell you the fail-proof formula for creating a thriving 6-figure business from a humble blog. And don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome, if you want to run a 6-figure business. But if I look in the mirror long enough to be truly honest with myself, I want an online business like I want a hole in my head.

I didn’t ditch the blogging for no reason. It was time to move on.

Going through my old posts what came across was that I’m a marginally good writer, but mostly I’m a bit neurotic and self-obsessed, either super-motivated or mildly depressed, and often funny in a self-deprecating way.

I recognised that tone of writing very well, because it’s the one I’ve been using every morning as I wake up, before I have breakfast and before work, in my “morning pages” diary. (Today’s a particularly early one, I got up at 5.30 after Camille’s alarm blasted at the wrong time, or whatever else happened because he’d fallen asleep with his head on his tablet). It’s the tone I have when I know nobody else will read it.

So, I’ve decided for the time being to leave Facebook alone and not monitor how many people will read this (you’re off the hook if you want to scratch your bum); rather I will use the time to get on with my day, away from the computer.

I wish you a good day, and if you’re curious and/ or bored, you can catch my old blog on Enjoy.