Love thy neighbour (even if he plays the accordeon)



In case my life didn’t feel like enough of a circus at the moment, some Romanian guy is now playing accordion 7 days a week right under my windows.

Probably not with the sole purpose to annoy me (I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt). I live on a busy street, and I imagine he’s getting a fair bit of audience; though Deptford being Deptford, God knows he’s not about to grow rich.

Anyway, it’s not even too loud or too repetitive (he’s got at least 3 songs in the repertoire) but it does go on all day, and it’s fair to say he doesn’t exactly put his heart or soul into it – as you probably wouldn’t if you had to play on the street for about 8 hours straight. Or come to think of it, as you probably don’t in your day job.

Altogether it’s not a fantastic addition to my working life, which currently consists mostly of sending out CVs and the odd dull application form (why some companies feel the need to have you copy/paste the entire content of your CV in their own ill-formatted Word table is beyond me).

So when I woke up this sunny Sunday morning with a fair bit of hangover, and the first thing I heard before I’d even had my first cup of tea was this freaking guy and his stupid accordion, is when it really started to p*ss me off.

I mean, the ONE DAY of the week when there’s no traffic, no market vans being unloaded, no crowds, no loud train announcements blasting from the station, there has to be this BLOODY IDIOT at it already. Who’s even going to be listening on a Sunday morning?!!

I dislike getting angry even more than I getting drunk (last night was a bit of a glitch), so just as I was vociferously asking myself in my own head “Who the f*ck would want to be out playing accordion on this street, all day, every day that God makes?!”… it thankfully hit me.

Who indeed?

I sure as hell wouldn’t. And I’m beginning to think this guy doesn’t either.

I mean, I don’t know much about his personal circumstances, but it’s bloody cold out, half the residents of this fair neighborhood are as broke as he is, and it’s not like anyone is stopping to listen anyway.

In fact, I passed him by only yesterday on my way to the shops, doing my best to pretend he wasn’t even there, but he still flashed a polite, if sheepish smile.

I’m guessing he sensed a hostile.

I promise to be nicer tomorrow.