Who am I, really? What are my¬†dreams? How do I live a meaningful life?… And if I’m so clever, how come I’ve not figured it out yet?

Ever find yourself wondering some (or all) of the above? Yeah… me too.

This blog is an attempt at, if not finding answers, at least raising some good questions.

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  1. Matthew Kells

    Hello Cecile
    My name is Matthew Kells, I’m a retired US Navy Draftsman, and just today I thought of a quote
    by Krishnamurti. “Everything that IS …never WAS and will Never be again.
    So I went to the web and put in that statement and David Cain’s book came up. Thanks so
    much for your blogs. I don’t feel so all alone in my perception of being a human being.
    Meanwhile if you are into ART…take a look at PRETZANGLES..(a project of automatic
    interwoven girihs I’ve been working on for the past 40 years. My personal favorite is
    a collage built in Sketch-up on Youtube entitiled 5 Oct 2016. Now I know this is
    difficult to believe but these designs do design themselves (Maybe that’s how the druidly
    druids helped design the arabesque in “The Book of Kells”…which just happens to be
    my last name.
    Anyway back to constant change…take a look at a book called “Think on these Things”
    about 1970 by Krishnamurti. In it he asks the important question: “Have you ever
    stopped thinking?:
    Hope to hear from you
    Matthew Kells


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