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Books that will change your life: “Quiet”

P1050167 low resI first heard of this book via Susan Cain’s Ted talk, but for some reason didn’t come round to reading it until it was given to me. Good thing it was too – reading it has absolutely transformed the way I see myself and my potential in life,

The book
“Quiet – The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking”,┬áby Susan Cain. Published in 2012, it quickly became an international bestseller; it received endless praise – the Telegraph even declared it “The most important book in a decade”.

The big idea
About half of the world’s population are introverts, yet most of society (at least Western society) is geared massively towards extroverts. This often leaves introverts to feel inadequate and lacking, when really they are often brilliant thinkers and creatives. More should be done to encourage them to develop in ways that suit them, as it would benefit society as a whole.

What’s great about it
While the idea seems simplistic (which is what put me off reading it initially), it is extremely well researched and documented. Each chapter is based on solid science and numerous interviews. Cain has clearly been researching the subject for years, and as a introvert herself is extremely passionate about it. She is a great advocate for quietness and of what is special and positive about it.

Why it will change your life
If you were a nerd growing up, and learnt to hide it the hard way; if you often have to pretend to be more gregarious than you are to prevent criticism; if you don’t understand why you feel so inadequate in many everyday situations, this book was written for you.
Beyong all the psychology and sociology and research, what you will learn is that you are just great the way you are. Although you may be criticized for being too calm, chances are you are a better thinker than average. You will learn to love and embrace your unique personality to improve your career, relationships, and life in general.